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Over 100 Joint-Friendly Exercises!
"If It's Not Joint-Friendly, It's Not Smart Fitness"


Fitness training

7 Time-Efficient Functional-Fitness Programs
Developed by a Physician, For All Ages and All Levels of Fitness

Featuring Our Exclusive . . .
Aerobic CoreTraining™ System
Combining the benefits of a cardio-vascular workout
with joint-friendly bodyweight functional-strength training that quickly produces results.

functional strength training

The Greatest Tool Ever Made for Building Rock Solid Abs,
Awesome Upper Body Strength and a Healthy Lower Back!

The ONLY Fitness Machine that Can Provide a Functional-Strength,
Core Training System for Serious Athletes — AND it's
Safe Enough for Young Children, Women and Senior Citizens!

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Important SpinalCore Platform® Documents
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How the SpinalCore Platform® Can Make You Money!
Expand Your Health Club Membership and Target Children, Women and Senior Citizens

How Medical Professionals Can Inexpensively Expand Their Practice
SpinalCore Platform® for Medical Professionals

Smart Fitness Training Principles Unique to the SpinalCore Platform®
SpinalCore Platform® Training Principles

You Can't Lose Weight if You Don't Treat the Cause of Weight Gain
Dr. Barniak's Causation Diet Plan

Start a Career as a Certified SpinalCore Platform Trainer
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